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Welcome to the ReplacePCR Home Page

What is ReplacePCR you ask? Well, this is some software I wrote to replace the software that came with the XMPCR. You may click here to go to the ReplacePCR forum and ask questions about anything related to ReplacePCR or the XM PCR in general. 

Good News!  We have been officially recognized by XM for our efforts (we being PCR software writers): Developer Community

At this point, all of the known bugs have been fixed.  If you encounter any bugs, please let me know.  Many thanks to all the Beta testers who have helped me find the problems and fix them, especially Wireman (Ron) who has tried more versions of this program than I can count.

Client Verion 1.04 ANNOUNCEMENT

I have updated the Client with two new features.  On the Playlist Browser, there is now a field for Artist and a field for Song that will allow you to search on Artist and Song as well as Time and Channel.

The second is a new field on schedules that allows you to define a shell command to be initiated on a schedule, along with the usual items.  In the shell box you would enter the path and exe plus up to six parameters, like this:
c:\testapp.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
%1 = channel number
%2 = channel name
%3 = Artist
%4 = Song
%5 = date
%6 = time
To install, first get 1.01 working (see bwlow).  Then, close the client and server and make backup copies.  Download this and extract it to the ReplacePCR folder.  Then run the ReplacePCRUpgrader program to modify the database and restart the server and client.


1.01 is finished.  Please note the convoluted installation instructions:

1) If you have a previous RC version running, downloadthis.  Close ReplacePCR, thn extract the files into your ReplacePCR folder.  Run the replacepcrupgrader.exe file to update your database to the latest and greatest.  Then start it up and enjoy

2) New Users - This is a ZIP file that contains three .exe files, one database file (*.mdb), one dll, and the 2 necessary OCX files used by the program.  It is unlikely that I will build a 'full setup' file, due to space and bandwidthe constraints.  You will also need to download the below files, if your system does not already have them installed.

Download the VB6 runtime files here , then run the file.  This will install the necessary files that ANY program written in VB will need

  • Download the MDAC 2.7 sp1 components here, then run the file.  This will install the components necessary for the program to access the database file that comes with it
  • Then, extract the zip file you downloaded above to a folder on your hard drive (I recommend c:\replacepcr).  If all goes well, you should be able to double click on ReplacePCRserver.exe, then on ReplacePCRClient.exe. PLEASE NOTE the first time you run the server program, it has to find your PCR on your system.  Make SURE the stock software is turned off, and wait until the red music note icon appears beside the time on your machine before starting the client program.

Exciting New Feature! WILT

ReplacePCR now features WILT (What I'm Listening To).  Simply click on the Configure-->WILT menu and follow instructions.  It allows you to create and upload multiple signature files (up to one for each channel), based on an html-like template file so you have COMPLETE control over the output.

Instructions on use:

ReplacePCR comes as 2 programs: the Server (red icon) and the Client (blue icon). Why? For normal users this doesn't seem to makesense. But it was done to allow power users the ability to plug their PCR into one computer and use another computer on their LAN to control it (for use in whole-house audio systems).

What this means for normal users is that you must first start ReplacePCRServer and THEN start ReplacePCRClient in order for it to work.

The first time you start up the server, it will take a few seconds to look at your USB ports for the PCR. As long as you have it plugged in (and no other PCR software running), it will find the PCR and start the program. If it DOESN'T find the PCR for whatever reason, it will ask you for the Com port. You can find the correct number by looking in the Device Manager at the Com/LPT ports tool and finding a com port labelled "USB High Speed Serial" or something like that.

When the server starts, no music will be heard. The server is just waiting for a Client to tell it to turn the PCR on. Before starting the Client the first time, go into the Configure screens and setup the login and password. That way no one can control your PCR but you. You will only need to set it the first time.

Then start up the client. The PCR should start playing and the screen should fill with channels. Play around with the different tabs and Configure menus to see all that the program does. You may get a complete feature list by clicking on the menu at the left of this page.

Other Information:

To run the client on another computer on your network (or over the internet), copy the replacepcrclient.exe and replacepcr.mdb files to another computer. Create a shortcut to the exe. In the Properties of that shortcut, change the Target field to include a space and an ip address at the end (if the shortcut already has quotation marks on it, but the space and ip OUTSIDE the quotation marks). The ip address should point to the server the PCR is attached to. Then just start the program and enjoy (make sure you have the port and login/pass correct).

Mine would look like this:

Target: D:\Davework\ReplacePCR\ReplacePCRClient.exe

You can even have the client running in multiple places at once.

In case you were wondering, this site is so ugly because it is my 'test bed' for any enhancements I make to Vitasite, my company's CMS I wrote. Feel free to ask about Vitasite as well!

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